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Bruna Allain created Pixel in the Sky. She has been working as a web designer since the
year 2000, when she began building her portfolio working with artists and photographers.
She has since expanded her client list to include corporate website, boutiques and many

She is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and has since lived in England, Germany, France,
and now Spain.

Her passion for webdesign was sparked during the university years, when she studied
Computer Science in Paris. One of her first jobs was in Parsons School of Design,
Paris, where she came into contact with the art world, and began making sites for the
teachers there.

Since then she moved to Barcelona, to be close to the ocean, and began working with
web design full time as well as working in the hospitality business. She works with a team
of graphic designers, developers, and social media marketing specialists.

She speaks PortugueseEnglishFrench and Spanish.