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Rebecca Jeffree is a multi-talented policy advisor, based in London. Her website displays a bit of everything she does, while maintaing it's simplicity. It is made in Wordpress, so that she can maintain it herself.

Claudia Caponi is a painter based in Barceona. She wanted a simple website to showcase her work. The design is simple in order to bring attention to her work.

BrewBroCorp is a micro brewery which makes craft beers distributed in Barcelona. Their website is made on Wordpress, so that they can make all of the updates they need.

Hally Pancer is a photographer based in Paris. She wanted a website which was elegant and easy to use, so that her images can speak for themselves.

Mushimushi is a clothing store in Gracia, a bohemian neighbourhood in Barcelona. The website is made with Indexhibit, a Content Management System which allows the store owner to update her site as needed.

This website was made for Irene Pellicer, a physical education teacher who developed the concept of emotional physical education. She is the author of several books, and works in Barcelona.

Emily Begrich is a German fine artist based in Barcelona. Her website in powered by Indexhibit, so that she can update it when needed. She wanted a clean interface to showcase her exceptional work.


This website was made for an author based in Barcelona, who is experimenting with psychodelc drugs, and wanted to document his experience. The website is on a Wordpress platform, which allows the author to have complete control over the site and make any changes and updates he may need.